Attending Veterinarian

Mandatory Education Requirements

The Animal Welfare Act and the University’s PHS Assurance Policy require the institution to ensure that people caring for or using animals in research are qualified to do so. IACUC Document 106 defines the University of Kentucky's plan to ensure compliance with the training requirements for all personnel handling live research animals. The Office of the Attending Veterinarian (OAV) offers a Training Requirements Checklist to assist you in locating and completing all training resources relevant to animal research and lab work. In addtion to IACUC requirements, Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Health & Safety, and Financial Disclosure/Conflict of Interest training resources are identified. The checklist is for your own personnel use and retention only and does not need to be submitted to the IACUC.

Initial Requirements

Personnel that do not handle live animals do not need to be listed on the protocol. All personnel who plan to work with animals or are listed on an animal care and use protocol must complete the Initial Mandatory Education before the protocol will be approved and studies can commence. All personnel being added to a currently approved protocol must also complete the initial mandatory education before the amendment will be approved and access to the animal facility granted. Other training courses (i.e. from another institution) may meet or exceed the requirements if all elements of the course have been covered and a documented successful test score is provided.  Responsibility for determining equivalency rests with the Office of the Attending Veterinarian (IACUC Office - provide course details, test scores, and information to Ashley Walton-Robbins).  Any courses completed to meet mandatory education do not count towards meeting your Continuing Education requirement detailed below.

Continuing Education Requirements

Personnel that do not handle live animals do not need to be listed on the protocol. All research personnel listed on any approved animal care and use protocol will be required to complete two* Continuing Education courses every three years regardless of the number of active protocols on which they are listed. Though selection of the elective course to fulfill this requirement is flexible, there is an expectation that the PI will take courses relevant to the species being studied and/or the procedures (i.e. surgery) being used. ORI or DLAR staff can be contacted to determine which course would be most valuable.

*“Working with the IACUC” or “Refresher: Working with the IACUC” which can be accessed through AALAS Learning Library AND one course, of your choice, from the IACUC approved list of courses.

Exception for Research Training Consultants

Often research training consultants are brought in for short-term (five business days or less) training sessions.  Trainers are currently required to be listed on the IACUC protocol if their training involves physical handling, surgical manipulation, or physical interaction with the protocol's animals. These trainers are required to complete the mandatory education requirements. However, the UK IACUC would grant them an exception to the UK mandatory training requirement if:

1) The species involved is not a non-human primate, and
2) The trainer can provide documentation from their home IACUC's office that they have completed the required training there, and 
3) Their home institution is AAALAC accredited, and
4) Strict adherence to facility access procedures is followed.

For training lasting longer than short-term (more than five business days) or any of the above criteria is not met, the UK mandatory training would be required.  This exception is intended to encourage these training events without making the documentation burdensome and yet still comply with the regulatory requirements.