Attending Veterinarian

Contact Information for Assistance

Rebecca Florence
--Even-numbered protocols

Jennifer L. Brown
--Odd-numbered protocols
--Semi-annual site inspections

Ashley Walton-Robbins
--Continuing Protocol Review
--Continuing Education

Sheri Patrick
--eSirius3G Techinical Support

UK Animal Research Home

eSirius3G Video Tutorials and Help Resources

The University of Kentucky IACUC, Office of the Attending Veterinarian, and the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources transitioned from eSirius to eSirius3G the first week of March, 2015. Tutorial resources are being developed to assist the research community with the system transition and for on-going support.

The protocol form has been updated. It is shorter, streamlined and makes use of animation to reduce the number of pages and fields that are displayed. A comparison of the old and new protocol form is provided below.

IACUC Protocol Form - Comparison of the eSirius vs. 3G Protocol Form (.pptx)

Video tutorials are in process of being developed. The grid below provides links to the available training resources. Visit this site often for frequent updates.

Video Topic Demo includes Video Length
Protocol Management - Home Page Orientation for Researchers

Overview of home page
Preview an approved protocol

10 minutes
Protocol Form Navigation (under construction)

Updated Hazardous Agent and Surgery pages
Add data from other approved protocols
Add, edit, and delete data on various pages

Start and Submit a New Protocol Application Start a new protocol
Save and return to a draft protocol
Use the Protocol Setup page
Submit the protocol application
10 minutes
Start and Submit a Protocol Amendment Create a protocol amendment
Basic modification to the protocol title
Submit the amendment
~ 5 minutes
Start and Submit a 3rd-year review protocol (under construction) Start the 3rd year rewrite
Continue / Expire the protocol
New Progress Report section
Review / Edit existing protocol data
Submit the protocol
Start and Submit an Annual Review protocol (under construction) Start the annual review process
Continue / Withdraw the protocol
Progress Report and new Adverse Events
Submit the annual review
Respond to Reviewer Comments (under construction) Display the reviewer's comments
Revise information
Use the PI Rebuttal feature
New Protocol Personnel Page (under construction) Add protocol personnel. Very different from old system  
For IACUC Members: Reviewing Protocols Make revision comments
Recognize and display protocol revisions
Submit review to ORI office