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Name: Mark  Summers
Position Type: Professorship
Appointment Start Date: 03/01/03
Appointment End Date:
Area of Specialty: Southern US
Summary Vita: Ph. D. University of California at Berkeley 1980 M.L.S. University of California at Berkeley 1980 M.A. University of California at Berkeley 1975 B.A. Yale University 1973
Highest Degree: Ph.D.
Professional Affiliations: NONE--Do not see value in such affiliations.
Primary Research Focus: American Political History and 19th Century American History; Southern History; Civil War and Reconstructio; the Gilded Age; Populism and Progressivism; the Age of Jackson; the History of the West and the Frontier; the Reform in American History; and American Business History.
Key Contributions: Continuing publications related to the political process in the 19th Century including the recent publication of numerous review and critiques of manuscripts by colleagues. Scholarly reputation withing the community of 19th Century historians.
Publications: NA