Flow Cytometry Core Facility
flow cytometry

Policies and Fees

Service Fees for 2014 - 2015

UK Investigators Non-UK Investigators
Cell Sorting
$90/hr $135/hr
Cell Analysis
$90/hr $135/hr
Cell Analysis (self-service)
$56.41/hr $84.62/hr
AutoMACS (self-service)
$10/sample $15/sample
AutoMACS (w/ assistance)
$15/sample $23/sample
Data Reanalysis
$27/hr $27/hr

After-hours Use

  • The analytical flow cytometers and data analysis computer are available to trained and certified users 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.
  • Sorters are not available after hours.
  • Facility staff are only available during normal university working hours.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you find you do not make a scheduled appointment you will be charged for all of your scheduled time.
  • In all cases, call us as soon as possible to let us know when you will not be able to make a scheduled appointment. We often have people waiting for time on the instruments and if someone else uses your scheduled time you will not be charged for the time they use. If you have a reasonable excuse (you are sick, kid is sick, etc.) we will waive your charges.
  • If you do not call before your scheduled time we must charge you unless you have an excuse that prevented you from calling. If you repeatedly make appointments and do not use the time we will contact the principal investigator of the lab to discuss billing issues.


  • The use of analytic flow cytometers and, especially, aerosol-generating sorters with samples that contain viable infectious organisms presents a serious infectious risk to both facility users and staff. With analytic flow cytometers the main problem is the generation of aerosols by the instrument, contamination of external surfaces or a sample spill onto a work surface or floor in an environment not set up to handle infectious samples.
  • The use of the FACSCalibur and the LSRII with un-fixed biohazardous samples is strictly prohibited. All such samples must be sterilized with the use of an approved agent - usually 2-4% paraformaldehyde.  Examples of materials that are not to be used in a viable state on these instruments include:
        • human cells (both cell lines and primary cells), since they are potential carriers of human pathogens (HIV, TB, HepB, HepC, HepD, etc.)
        • cells containing recombinant viral DNA vectors
        • any cell known to carry a potential human pathogen
  • If you are in doubt please discuss this with the Facility Director or contact Environmental Health and Safety.

Radiation Safety  

RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS of any kind are strictly prohibited in the core facility.  Samples containing any radioactivity cannot be analyzed or sorted.

HIPAA Compliancy  

  • Any data generated in the facility that comes from patients must have the patient's privacy protected as dictated by HIPAA rules.
  • If you run patient samples on our machines (research only) and store your data on any of our machines or our data server you must observe the HIPAA regulations.
  • Any data stored on our hard drives (cytometer computers or data server) must not have any traceable information that could connect this data to a patient.
  • If you violate this and patient privacy is impacted you are responsible - not the facility.