MRI & Spectroscopy Facility
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Cardiac Study

Dynamic Short Axes

Cine, short-axis MR image showing the left and right ventricles on a normal volunteer. Images were made using a segmented FLASH technique with temporal resolution is 55 msec. Total acquisition time was approximately 15 seconds during which the subject held their breath.

Long axes

Cine, long-axis MR image on the same volunteer as above. In these images, blood appears bright because it passes through the image place unattenuated by previous excitations. Myocardium appears with intermediate image intensity because of repeated excitations.

Spamm heart

A short axis view of the left and right ventricles in a normal volunteer. A grid of saturation pulses has been superimposed on the image plane before the start of systole. As the grid is attached to the tissue it demonstrates the deformation of the myocardium during systole and diastole. This technique is useful for visualizing wall motion abnormalities and impairment of ventricular function due to myocardial function, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and other diseases.