Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR)

Experimental Surgery Resources Available

Our Experimental Surgery Unit offers 4 fully equipped surgery suites, One suite is dedicated for multi-species sterile surgery, one suite may be used for sterile or non-sterile surgical procedures. One suite is dedicated as an imaging room and contains Cardiac Fluoroscopy and dental x-ray equipment and the fourth suite is a dedicated species sterile surgery. We have a wide variety of instruments available for use, and do steam, gas and chemical sterilizations. 

Access to the surgical facility is restricted. You must have an IACUC approved animal protocol with a surgical component. Additional approval forms are available from the DLAR office which must be approved by our veterinarians prior to access being granted.

The surgical suites may book as much as 3 months in advance so the earlier you reserve your dates in the better. We prefer to do survival surgery toward the beginning of the week.

To schedule time in our surgical area please contact our Surgery Coordinator, Hollie van Rooyen or email by telephone 859-323-5829. If there are specific questions that you need an answer to immediately, please contact one of the following individuals:
Hollie van Rooyen, hskuf2@email.uky.edu, Phone: 859-323-5829
Wade Washington, washing@email.uky.edu, Phone: 859-323-6027

The fee schedule for the Experimental Surgery use can be found in the Per Diems and Other Service Fees section. Technical assistance is available on a fee for services basis if needed.

Aseptic Rodent Surgery Workshop
This workshop will demonstrate the appropriate way to prep your surgical area and patient in an aseptic manner. Handouts will be offered for future reference as well.
Please contact April Davis at adba222@uky.edu or 859-323-1547 to sign up for the workshop or if you need any further information.

The Charles River Laboratories is sponsoring a video presentation on the JoVE website entitled Principals of Rodent Surgery for the New Surgeon

To request the use of a rodent anesthesia machine, please click here.