How Do I Know My Animals Have Arrived?

                If you have a specific date of arrival that you have indicated when you placed your animal order, you may check with the supervisor of the facility where your animals are being housed, or you may check with our Main office 859-323-5885.

Our approved vendors deliver as follows:

Ordering and deliver of animals

All animal orders must be submitted electronically through eSirius.       
Mice:    Orders must be placed by Wednesday, 4:00 p.m. for all approved vendors
for the following Monday delivery from Harlan and The Jackson Laboratory and
for Tuesday delivery from Charles River and Taconic. 
Rats:      the same as mice
Other species:  Contact the DLAR office for information.

Animals that are expected from other sources such as collaborating intuitions are coordinated through our Import/Export coordinator and can sometimes be delayed due to health status reports. Please be aware that they may have to go through our quarantine protocols before they are allowed into our regular housing facilities.

Quarantine is a minimum of 45 days for rodents.  Rodent breeding stock and animals from non-standard vendors, and animals from outside the U.S. may require an extended quarantine.