I have someone coming in to work on my equipment that I have in the animal facility, what do I need to do first?

All visitors, vendors, contractors and equipment repair personnel must first go through a DLAR Orientation and receive our Occupational Health and Safety Information PRIOR to their entry into the animal facility. If the repair personnel have visited before without receiving the information, you will need to make arrangements for them to meet with the DLAR Training coordinator,  the assistant training coordinator, or you may contact the supervisor of the facility you need access to in order to arrange for this to occur. This can be easily accomplished by letting us know when you plan to have them come in. We can schedule the orientation as a group or on an individual basis either in our training room H41A on the ground floor of the Medical Center. The room can accommodate up to four people. If there is a larger group, a meeting room can be arranged. In addition, ALL personnel, without exception, entering the animal facilities MUST have either a valid UK Security issued ID badge with a RED DLAR sticker attached or a temporary UK DLAR Visitors badge/sticker. These temporary DLAR stickers/badges are valid only for the date they are issued. They must also have received a copy of the Visitor/Vendor Occupational Health and Safety Information.  It will not be necessary for them to sign a Visitor/Vendor form on subsequent visits unless it has been more than one year since their last visit. Forms and temporary stickers/badges can be obtained from our main office in the Health Science Research Building (HSRB) in Room 204 or from H41A on the ground floor of the Medical Center.  Visitor/Vendor Occupational Health and Safety Information You can access a copy of this form using the link.