A Good, Safe Rabbit Pre-med Anesthesia

I have found and started using a great pre-med for rabbits, especially the very young,  light weight bunnies.  

 Ketamine/Midazolam (vs. Ketamine/Xylazine) 

We have found this cocktail to be better absorbed, less irritating, safe (no resp/cardio depression) and more appropriate for IM administration in rabbits. 

Rabbits are induced much more smoothly, then weaned onto Isoflurane via mask.  Dosage I have used is 30 mg/kg Ketamine + 4 mg/kg Midazolam.  I have alerted some investigators to amend their protocol to use: Ketamine/Midazolam (vs. Ketamine/Xylazine). I just wanted to share this information, as we advise other investigators about their protocols. 

Dr. Cheryl Haughton, Senior Clinical Veterinarian
Division of Laboratory Animal Resources