Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR)

eSirius3G Veterinary Consultation

Veterinary Consultation and Assistance With Animal Use Protocol Development

The Division of Laboratory Animal Resources is ready to assist the researchers at the University of Kentucky with the development of their animal use protocols. Consultation with our veterinary staff may be arranged at your request and is recommended before you submit your IACUC protocol. The veterinary staff, along with other experienced individuals in our department, can assist with many different aspects regarding the design and implementation of the study, analgesic and anesthesia choice, staff training, species specific information and regulatory issues.

Dr. Jeanie Kincer, Interim Director, DLAR
(859) 323-5469 
Dr. Kincer may be contacted for assistance and information regarding animal procedures, the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Facility, Spindletop Rodent Quarantine, Rodent Import/Export, ERF, and the Sentinel program.

Dr. Jeff Smiley,  Assistant Director, DLAR
(859) 323-0289
Dr. Smiley may be contacted for assistance and information regarding animal procedures, the Medical Center, Central Animal Facility, Spindletop, Multi-Disciple Research Building (Old Pharmacy), and Med Research 3. Dr. Smiley may also be consulted about the following species: Non-Human Primates, Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits (Albuquerque only), Dogs, and Axolotls.

Dr. Cheryl Haughton, Senior Clinical Veterinarian, DLAR
(859) 257-3548
For general inquires, new investigator information/assistance, and information on the following buildings/species: BBSRB, Kastle, Combs, BioPharm, Rabbits, and Spiny Mice, please contact Dr. Haughton for assistance.

Additional assistance with the development of animal use protocols is available from the University of Kentucky Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Office of the Attending Veterinarian. Please refer to the IACUC site for a list of staff contacts.