Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR)


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Animal Protocol Forms Formats More info
Request for eSirius3G Access for Principal Investigators Web Page  
Request for eSirius3G Access for Non-Principal Investigators Web Page  

Request for Access to DLAR Facilities



Request for Personal Access Code BBSRB pdf  
Request for Personal Access Code Multi-Disciplinary Sciences Building pdf  
DLAR Research Supply Acquisition form pdf  
DLAR Do Not Feed form pdf  
DLAR Services Request form pdf  
DLAR Treatment Request form pdf  
Sanders Brown Request form pdf  
Pathology/Necropsy Request Form pdf  

Occupational Health and Safety Form for Visitors Please print or download the information, sign or fax the form to the DLAR main office 859-323-6002 or bring with you at the time of your visit

Guidelines and Policies for Accessing DLAR Facilities pdf  
Recommended Analgesics for Rodents and Rabbits Word file  
Recommended Analgesics for Other Species Word file  
Animal Procurement:
Request to Import Animals From Other Institutions
pdf Instructions for Importing Rodent Colonies to DLAR Word file
Request to Export Animals To Other Institutions pdf  
Animal Ownership Transfer Form pdf  
Quarantine Information Word file