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The Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) supports the biomedical research community at the University of Kentucky by providing the highest quality veterinary services and humane care and treatment to the animals in our care. We strive to assist in the continued advancement of scientific knowledge for the benefit of mankind and abide by the ethical principles of humane animal care and good science in accordance with all regulatory agencies. We serve as a resource for knowledge and technical expertise and provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation with our researchers. DLAR has been continuously accredited since April, 1966 by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation for Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC, International).

Protocol Design Assistance and Animal Medical Issues
Recommended before you submit your IACUC protocol

In order to assist you with some of the information that may be relevant to your grant application, please refer to the following document: DLAR Grant description for Investigators.

Available for download: The DLAR Investigator Information Handbook

Social Housing and Environmental Enrichment
UK Researcher Guide for the Use of DEA Conrolled Substances

Jackson Lab Upcoming Webinars

Investigators will need to register for these upcoming webinars, if they attend, the Presentation will be provided. https://www.jax.org/education-and-learning/webinars

On demand videos can be found here, Investigators will have to register to watch: https://www.jax.org/education-and-learning/on-demand-videos


Now Available: A presentation on MicroIsolator Technique Adobe Reader Get Adobe Reader download
Information on USDA categories can be found using the link on our Useful Information page

For more information on animal care and use, see Research Compliance Policies, Guidance & Contacts.

Nature introduces editorial measures to improve consistency and quality of reporting in life-sciences articles.
Central to this initiative is a checklist intended to prompt authors to disclose technical and statistical information in their submissions, and to encourage referees to consider aspects important for research reproducibility. The checklist includes information to be provided for animal studies and recommends consulting the ARRIVE guidelines.