Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR)

Research and Technical Services


Now Available: Information from the manufacturer can be found at New Identification and Temperature Technology Service from BioMedics, about our new implanted, programmable transponder IPTT-300. Contact our veterinary staff or research analysts for additional information and availability.

For information on this technology, please view the article on Implanted Temperature Microchip Transponders presented in the July issue of the Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. Please contact our DLAR veterinarians or research analyst staff if you are interested in this service. Transponders are available from DLAR Research and Technical Services at $10.00 each including the use of the reading wand for 2 hours or as arranged. A Technical Services charge for insertion will apply. Requests for this service or for further information may be sent to Info on Implanted Transponders

To request the use of a rodent anesthesia machine please check Rodent Anesthesia Machine information