University of Kentucky Research

Intellectual Property Committee

Committee Members
Czarena Crofcheck, Chair, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Todd Hastings, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rob Lodder,Pharmaceutical Sciences      
Eric Munson, Pharmaceutical Sciences                  
Brian Rymond, Biology
Peter Spielmann, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
Craig Vander Kooi, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
Bruce Walcott, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ex Officio Members
Dr. Lisa Cassis, Vice President for Research
Don Keach, Director, Intellectual Property Development
Taunya Phillips

Katherine Adams, Associate General Counsel

UK Administrative Regulation 7.7 addresses the Intellectual Property Committee (available here).

2015-16 Intellectual Property Committee Meeting Dates

After you have submitted your IP disclosure online at, the IPC Chair will designate a date and time for the IPC to review your disclosure and render its decision regarding UK’s having a legal interest in the technology and pursuing protection for the technology. 

All inventors listed on a disclosure are welcome to attend the IPC meeting where the invention is discussed, but attendance is not required.

Where: Room 157 in ASTeCC (Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center)

ASTeCC is between McVey Hall and the Center for Robotics & Manufacturing Systems.


When: the third Thursday of each month during the academic year, assuming UK is open on that day. 

Fall 2015 semester: 9:00 a.m.
Spring 2016 semester: 1:30 p.m.

Each technology on the docket is assigned a specific time.  If you choose to attend the meeting, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time and wait in the chairs in the hallway outside ASTeCC 157.

Please note that the IPC meeting dates and times are subject to change.