University of Kentucky Research

Sponsored Projects Awards Reports

2016 Expanded Awards (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016)

Also see FY 16 Primary and Collaborative Awards Totals (PDF, 6 pages) (Note: Collaborative totals include primary awards.)

All Award Reports in this section include any new award or new account with a start date within the reporting period and award additions or reductions to existing projects that are processed within the reporting period. This expanded report recognizes multidisciplinary collaborations within the institution. The Primary Total includes awards the unit receives from the funding agency; this is usually the Principal Investigator’s primary department. The Collaborative Total reflects award activity on projects in which a unit investigator participates as Principal Investigator or Co-investigator. The Collaborative Total includes the Primary Total plus awards in which someone in the unit participates as a Co-investigator.

An * indicates a cross-referenced account in which an investigator participates, but for which another unit has primary responsibility. Continuing projects are not included unless an additional award was made during the fiscal year. Adjustments are additions or reductions to existing accounts. A negative adjustment usually occurs when an estimated budget is corrected or when a grant is transferred to another institution.

For more information, contact:
Kim Carter, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 112 Kinkead Hall, 0057, 257-9420

Please note: Prior to FY 2003, the collaborative total also included scope accounts (project numbers beginning with 4-3 and 4-7).