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Cultural Exchange: a snapshotFocus On: French Polynesia/Mosquito Control

Stephen Dobson, Entomology

Focus On: Kyrgyzstan/American Studies Cultural Exchange

Stan Brunn, Geography
Alan DeYoung, Educational Policy Studies
Robert Olson, History
Ron Pen, Music

Focus On: Japan/Defining Safe Beef

Keiko Tanaka, Community and Leadership Development
and Sociology

Focus On: Ethiopia/Population Shifts

Andu Meharie, Anthropology

Focus On: Kentucky/UK School of Journalism and Telecommunications

New International Journalism Program

This issue of Odyssey will take you along on journeys to French Polynesia, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, and Ethiopia as we highlight the work of several UK researchers and educators far from our borders. Their projects range from helping to develop the curriculum of American Studies in Kyrgyzstan to the beef safety issue in Japan to the social dynamics of population shifts in Ethiopia. The common denominator of these projects is advancing knowledge and improving people’s lives. So take a cruise through these stories, and enjoy the trip.  

—Jeff Worley, Editor, Odyssey