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Faculty EntrepreneursOnline exclusive

Joe Fink: Leading the Entrepreneurial Charge at UK

Boyd Haley: Tagging Toxins for Better Health

Linda Dwoskin & Peter Crooks: Research Findings to Crow About

Eric Grulke: Harnessing the Power of Carbon

Fred Payne: UK's Cheese Whiz

Robert Lodder: Mounting an Attack on a Furtive Form of Plaque

Since two issues of Odyssey a year can only give you a small sampling of the hundreds of important and exciting research projects at the university, we've come up with a way to further publicize work by UK faculty and staff: Odyssey Online Exclusive, which you now have on the screen in front of you. It's our hope that these additional web-based issues will provide a broader picture of research accomplishments at Kentucky's flagship university. This inaugural issue focuses on UK faculty entrepreneurs who have started new businesses based on their research. We hope you enjoy this new expansion of the magazine.

Jeff Worley
Editor, Odyssey