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New Faculty, Fresh IdeasOnline exclusive

Sara Jo Nixon: Top Drug Abuse Researcher Now at UK

Bruce O'Hara: Why Do We Need to Sleep?

Pradeep Kachroo: Helping Plants Defend Themselves

Fay Yarbrough: Expert in Cherokee History Happy to Be at UK

Heather Freeman's New Media Art: Clint Eastwood with an Aura?

Chang-Guo Zhan: Using Computers to Battle Cocaine

Terry Lennie: Taking a Low-Sodium Diet to Heart

Robert Haven: Making Sure the Show Goes on—in Style

New faculty bring to any university fresh ideas and approaches, and added expertise and knowledge that benefit colleagues, students and the general public. The summer 2004 Odyssey Online Exclusive features profiles of eight new faculty members at the University of Kentucky. Their research and scholarship range from plant defense systems to computer modeling of drugs, from the history of the Cherokee Nation to costume design.

In the stories above you'll read about not only their wide variety of scholarly work, but also the very different roads that led them to UK. For Heather Freeman, it's the first full-time academic job, a welcome tenure-track position, after receiving her MFA in visual arts from Rutgers. For Sara Jo Nixon, a full professor of psychology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, UK is an opportunity to continue 15 years of research into alcohol and drug abuse, work she has carried out at several institutions before being recruited by UK. We are pleased to welcome these new faculty members to the university community and introduce them to our readership through this Web-only version of the magazine.

Jeff Worley
Editor, Odyssey