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Fall 2003 Odyssey coverFall 2003

Cover Story

Inner-space Invaders
Russ Mumper and Mike Jay in the UK College of Pharmacy are creating nanoparticles loaded with cancer-killing drugs. The tiny spheres are further engineered to target and infiltrate specific diseased cells.

Read about their company NanoMed and the Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (CPST), a unversity-based, FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility with the the unique ability to freeze-dry products. [pdf] [html]


Shaping the Future of Software
On the wings of 17 years in industry, Jane Hayes is designing software to further UK research and empowering students to tackle real-world problems. [pdf] [html]

Mounting an Attack on a Furtive Form of Plaque
Rob Lodder unites fiber optics and mathematics in a probe that lets doctors do preemptive, on-site inspections of heart vessels. [pdf] [html]

Domestic Violence: Fighting Back
A UK research team examines obstacles facing female domestic violence victims in rural areas. [pdf] [html]

Research Outreach

American Legacies
UK's Linda Levstik and Kathi Kern partner with Eastern Kentucky teachers to craft curriculum that combines new historical scholarship and creative ideas to help kids investigate the past. [pdf] [html]

A Grassroots Approach to Medical Care
The Kentucky Ambulatory Network partners primary-care physicians with university faculty to answer important health questions. [pdf] [html]

In Brief

Book End

Hate Thy Neighbor?
Stuart Kaufman's Book illuminates the power of myth and symbol to stir up ethnic hatreds. [pdf] [html]