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Shaping the Future of Software
Support Your Local Software Engineer

by Alicia P. Gregory

None of the three previous projects was sponsored research. Hayes says, "They were sort of grassroots things, started because I had students who needed to build a software product in a semester. I wanted them to have real-world customers, and I thought we should try to fill a need." Hayes would like to interest NSF and NIH in this research, and she says an NIH proposal with Joan Griffith, a UK assistant professor of pediatrics, based on the PKU work is under way.

Hayes has already successfully garnered donations from a number of software companies to make her work possible. Programs like IBM's Rational™, JCover™ and CCover™ help students in the new software engineering classes write, build and test their own software. "We've gotten a lot of free stuff," Hayes says. "According to Rational, they gave us $1 million in free software, so industry has been very good to us."

Department chair Truszczynski says, "That didn't just happen. In my opinion very few people have as much talent as Jane Hayes has in talking to people and exciting them about her ideas."

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