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Fall 04 Odyssey coverFall 2004

Cover Story

A Big Fat Problem: America's Kids in the Middle of an Epidemic
Around 30 percent of children ages 6 to 11 in this country are overweight. Among adolescents, 30 percent are overweight and nearly 16 percent obese. University of Kentucky scientists and clinicians are more active than ever in fighting what the CDC is calling an "epidemic." From basic science to strength-training to long-term weight-loss programs, UK researchers are working to help our kids go from fat to fit. [pdf] [html]


Digital Exploration
Computer scientist Brent Seales is using a CT scanner and imaging software to unwrap the secrets of damaged manuscripts for the world's scholars. [pdf] [html]

Growing New Business in the Bluegrass
John Parks talks about his vision for the 735-acre UK Coldstream Research Campus and what it has to offer pharmaceutical, ag biotech and manufacturing systems businesses. [pdf] [html]

Confronting Stroke
Researchers in the UK Stroke Program are taking part in a clinical trial of a drug based on a clot-busting compound in bat saliva, finding out if aspirin, Plavix and rigorous blood pressure control will prevent strokes more effectively than aspirin alone, and analyzing videotapes to see if targeted therapy can help stroke patients improve language skills. [pdf] [html]

Top Drug Abuse Researcher Now at UK
With more than 15 years' experience working on the long-term effects of chronic substance abuse on neurocognitive functions, psychology professor Sara Jo Nixon has launched two new projects at UK. [pdf] [html]

Lisa Cliggett: At Home in Zambia
This UK anthropologist has support through 2005 from a $200,000 NSF grant to study how the migration and farming practices of the Gwembe Tonga people are transforming Zambia's landscape. [pdf] [html]

2004-2005 University Research Professors

In Brief

Book End

Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery by Virginia Blum [pdf] [html]