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Photo of Fall 2005 Odyssey cover.Fall 2005

Cover Story

Miles Osland: Packing a Mean Sax
Saxophone research. An oxymoron, you say? Read how—with the support of a $24,000 UK research grant—a UK professor, performing artist, arranger, and composer conducts research. [pdf] [html]


Breast Cancer Breakthrough
The results of a massive, five-year breast-cancer trial focused on a drug called Herceptin are in, and the news is good for women with a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer—HER-2. UK's Edward Romond calls this "the single biggest advance in the treatment of breast cancer in decades." [pdf] [html]

Odyssey onlineexclusive Summer 05: Research Supercomputing

Rethinking a Major German Thinker
Dan Breazeale, a philosophy professor and this year's College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor, has earned international acclaim for his work on the German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte. [pdf] [html]

Breathing Easier in the Bluegrass
A professor in UK's College of Nursing has been prominent in the smoke-free debates in Central Kentucky. Read how restaurants and bars in Lexington—in the heart of tobacco country—became smoke-free in 2004. [pdf] [html]

2005-2006 University Research Professors
[pdf] [html]

In Brief

UK Continues Study of Blood Substitute for Trauma Patients

Fighting Back against Fibromyalgia

Research Team Earns Largest NIH Grant in College of Ag History

The Joy of Soy

Gill Institute Researcher Wins Prestigious Award

Preventing Shingles

UK's Newest College Off to a Healthy Start

UK Researchers Attract Record Amount in FY 2005 [pdf]

Book End

America's Culture of Terrorism: Violence, Capitalism, and the Written Word by Jeffory A. Clymer [pdf] [html]

Entire Fall 05 issue as pdf