Fall 2007 Issue:


Coal: Breaking Oil's Chokehold

UK researchers are increasing the efficiency of Fischer-Tropsch, a World War II-era process for converting domestic sources like coal and natural gas to liquid transportation fuels, mapping underground geology for permanent storage of CO2, creating membranes to separate hydrogen from CO2, and producing catalysts to efficiently generate hydrogen for fuel cells.

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Research Spotlights

Aging & Alzheimer’s

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Aluminum as a Major Cause?
Cell Pathways to the Disease
Calcium’s Role in Cell Death
Early-Stage Alzheimer’s
The Nun Study

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Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome
Better Animal Health in the Commonwealth
Erosion-Free Farming
New Plant-Based Natural Products

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Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Less Toxic Cancer Treatment
Early Detection of Lung Cancer
Mapping Adult Stem Cell Growth
Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

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Diabetes & Nutrition

Fighting Diabetic Blindness
Basic Science in the Fight against Fat
Special Meals to Melt Away the Pounds

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Drug & Alcohol Abuse

New Treatments for Nicotine & Methamphetamin Abuse
Fighting Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Therapeutic Storytelling

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Drug Design & Delivery

Push-Button Pain Relief
An Easier Way to Fight Migraines

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Helping Students with Math & Science
Opening the Door to Science for Girls in Kentucky

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Spray-Painted Solar Cells
CAER Turns 30
Packaging Green Energy: The Coal/Sawdust Briquette

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The Metaverse: Visualization & Virtual Environments
Partnering With Toyota
Partners in Aluminum
Improving Coal Preparation and Miner’s Health

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The Environment

Fiber Optics in Service to the Environment
Bringing Back the Forest
Putting Mountains of Ash to Work

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Literature and the Arts

The Electronic Beowulf
Saxophone Research
Non-Toxic Art

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Tiny Disease Fighters
Working Together on the Nanoscale
Harnessing the Power of the Nanotube

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Space Exploration

Spacecraft of the Future
Configuring the Birth of the First Stars
Building Galaxies from Scratch

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Women’s Health

Advancing Women’s Health
Breaking the Cycle of Violence against Women
Good Dental News for Expectant Mothers

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Other Key Research

New Treatments for Parkinson’s
Telling the Stories That Need to Be Told
Going Smoke-Free
Future Treatments for Spinal Cord & Brain Injury
Targeting Children’s Mental Health
Functional Independence

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Movers & Shapers

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This issue won the CASE-Kentucky Grand Award for Magazines in 2007.

Fall 07 Issue Cover

Odyssey Turns silver

This year Odyssey joins a club with only a few select members—research magazines that have been publishing for a quarter of a century or longer. (There are fewer than 10 of us, by my best count.)

Odyssey was founded in 1982 by Susan Stempel, with the support of Wimberly Royster, vice chancellor for research. In charge of producing UK’s annual awards report, Susan wanted to put a human face on research at the university and showcase, for the general public, some of the excellent work being done here.

In the past 25 years, the magazine has featured approximately 1,200 faculty and graduate students, whose work has run the full range of research and scholarship. And Odyssey has won over two dozen local, regional and national awards for writing and design.

This—our 50th issue—includes the second part of our coverage of “green energy” research at UK along with three special features. Research Spotlights covers 55 top projects, most of which have previously been featured in the magazine. Our timeline highlights some of the notable events and achievements at UK in the past quarter century, and Movers & Shapers is a gallery of 25 faculty who were, or continue to be, influential and visionary in moving the university forward academically, and enhancing its reputation nationally and internationally. In selecting faculty to be featured in these sections, our staff is very thankful for the thoughtful suggestions we received from our current college deans and others with sharp institutional memories.

If through the years Odyssey has achieved its goal of publicizing research that improves the lives of Kentuckians and others, it’s only because hundreds of faculty, staff and graduate students have taken time to explain clearly and imaginatively what it is they do. The magazine counts on our faculty for information and illumination, and we count equally on the support of the UK administration, especially the Office of the Vice President for Research, which funds the magazine.

And we thank our readers, all of you who continue to support us with your sustaining encouragement and good words.

—Jeff Worley, Editor

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