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Photo of Fall 1999 Odyssey coverFall 1999

Cover Story

Igniting Youthful Curiosity
It should come as no surprise that at the University of Kentucky research is being conducted in aras as diverse as organic chemistry, autism, bacterial pathogens, and epilepsy. But is may come as a surprise that some of this work is being done by Kentucky high school students.

Several programs at the university focus on providing high school students with an interest in research the chance to gain experience in discovering new knowledge and working with established scientists as mentors. Four of these programs are profiled:

Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) Summer Internship Program

Kentucky Young Researchers Program

Young Women in Science

University of Puerto Rico Summer Research Experience


The Heart of Matter
UK researcher Beth Dickey is designing materials at the atomic level with state-of-the-art electron microscopes.

Creating Cancer Killers
John Yannelli and Craig Jordan are working on a new gene therapy that holds promise for leukemia patients.

Bringing New Intelligence to the University
Robert Pringle's career in government spanned 29 years and 25 countries with stints in the military, State Department and CIA.

Spotlight on Graduate Education

Rising to the NSF Challenge (IGERT)

Toward a More Diverse Professoriate