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Spring 2000 Odyssey coverSpring 2000

Cover Story

Penny-Wise Technology:
Designing sensors and antennas of the future

Craig Grimes (electrical engineering) is creating sensors that could tell you when to change the oil in your car, detect the freshness of your Cheerios, and allow diabetics to take sugar-level readings without blood. He is also breaking new ground in the field of antenna technology, he's working to characterize and control thin-film materials and devices, and he's recently ventured into the young science of nanotechnology—working to understand the properties of nanotubes.


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Photo of UK journalism students who wrote for OdysseySeveral UK journalism students from Maria Braden's Magazine Writing class contributed articles to ODYSSEY's KIOSK section. Left to right are Jonathan Riggs, Jennifer Spring Taylor, Ann Mullins, and Jennifer Caldwell. Not pictured are Kathleen Wills-Ellison, Sara Okrynski and Gregg Casillo.