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Photo of Spring 2003 Odyssey coverSpring 2003

Cover Story

Clinical Trials: A Human Safety Net for New Drugs & Treatments
UK researchers are fighting disease on new fronts through clinical trials focused on more effective treatment for lung cancer, macular degeneration, diabetes, hormone replacement therapy, asthma, and thyroid cancer. [pdf] [html]


From the Beltway to the Bluegrass
Armed with 30 years' experience at the NIH, Wendy Baldwin is happy to be back in Kentucky and working to strengthen UK's research programs. [pdf] [html]

Putting Away the Past
Kate Chard designed a highly successful therapy program—11 years in the making—to help adults process and overcome childhood sexual abuse. [pdf] [html]

Under Pressure
UK scientists are creating tomorrow's nanoscale ceramic materials with pressurized CO2 and fluorinated surfactants. [pdf] [html]

Beware the Shape-shifter
Glenn Telling is trying to answer the question of whether deer and elk killer CWD, following mad cow's precedent, could spawn a disease that infects humans. [pdf] [html]

A Mouthful of Evidence
Two UK researchers seek to prove cause and effect between low-birthweight babies and expectant mothers with periodontal disease. [pdf] [html]

2002-2003 University Research Professors
Thomas Leinbach: Bolstering Indonesia's Rural Economy
Timothy McClintock: Making Sense of Smell
Andrew Klapper: Finding Structure in Randomness
Gary Ferland: Configuring Quasars
[pdf] [html]

Research Outreach

Prime Number: 22 Million (Dollars)
One of the largest grants ever received by UK will support math and science teaching in 52 Appalachian school districts. [pdf] [html]

Book End

Hollywood's Indian
UK's Armando Prats follows a childhood love of the Western to publish a book on myth and identity in the American Western. [pdf] [html]