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Photo of Spring 2004 Odyssey coverSpring 2004

Cover Story

Why Do Our Brains Betray Us?
For over 30 years, UK researchers have been using science to battle Alzheimer's. And the fight has intensified. Current projects explore vitamin E and selenium, incipient Alzheimer's, enzymes A-beta and proteasome, DNA microarray technology, and memantine—the first FDA-approved medication to treat Alzheimer's. [pdf] [html]


In Search of East Africa's Ancestral Statues
Cultural anthropologist Monica Udvardy is teaming up with U.S. museums to stop global traffic in vigango (memorial statues) and return them to their creators, the Giriama people of Kenya. [pdf] [html]

Mark Summers and the Serious Business of Political Cartoons
UK's first Thomas D. Clark Endowed Professor of History discusses the power of political cartoons and his nearly lifelong interest in this art form. [pdf] [html]

Skin Patch Promised Land
Drug-delivery expert Audra Stinchcomb is developing a first-of-its-kind prescription patch, a safe and legal method to deliver marijuana-like chemicals to ease nausea and stimulate appetite in people with AIDS and cancer. [pdf] [html]

2003-2004 University Research Professors

Research Outreach

Building a Stronger Safety Net for Children
Protecting at-risk is kids is the goal of a UK-led, 10-state project to train supervisors how to best support front-line social workers. [pdf] [html]

In Brief

Book End

The Shifting Geopolitical World by Stan Brunn [pdf] [html]