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Photo of Spring 2005 Odyssey cover. Image credit:  Andrew Paul Leonard / Photo Researchers, Inc.Spring 2005

Cover Story

Primitive Powerhouses: Tapping into Blood-forming Stem Cells
In his 10 years at UK, Gary Van Zant has probed the bone marrow's stem cells, and his findings have implications ranging from the immediate (better cancer treatment) to the seemingly sci-fi (organ regeneration). But what makes Van Zant's research unique among scientists investigating stem cells is his angle: aging. He's asking: What is the link between cancer and stem-cell aging? [pdf] [html]

Cover image: This colorized scanning electron micrograph (SEM) shows a stem cell (purple) in human bone marrow. "The purple tendrils show important interactions between the stem cell and stromal cells that maintain the stem cell in its undifferentiated state," says Gary Van Zant.
Andrew Paul Leonard / Photo Researchers, Inc.


Putting the Brakes on Paint Waste
Kozo Saito in the College of Engineering is collaborating with Toyota to help solve manufacturing and waste problems. His design of a novel scrubber, a device that sucks up oversprayed paint in the automotive coating process, saves significantly more paint and uses much less energy than conventional scrubbers. [pdf] [html]

Designing More Benign Bugs
Husband and wife research duo Davy and Grace Jones have unlocked the key to insect development—juvenile hormone—and their findings are leading to well-targeted, nontoxic pesticides. [pdf] [html]

Remote-Control Surgery
The future is now for patients at UK who opt for robotic surgery. Guided by a surgeon at a console, the medical center's high-tech robot lends surgeons a sure hand in prostate, thoracic and pediatric surgery. [pdf] [html]

From Here to Kingdom Come
Under the leadership of wildlife biologist Dave Maehr, researchers are helping black bear and elk flourish in Kentucky, where they had been extinct for more than a century. And according to Maehr, helping the animals means helping ourselves. [pdf] [html]

Room to Move
New Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Research William Balke is bringing a team of up to 20 top heart researchers to UK. This is good news for Kentucky. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Kentuckians. [pdf] [html]

In Brief

Good Bugs for Your Garden

UK's Asia Center

Toward a More Family-Friendly Workplace [pdf]

Book End

A History of American Higher Education by John R. Thelin [pdf] [html]

Entire Spring 05 issue as pdf