Gregory Luhan: “Everyone in this room right now started out as an undergraduate student and is now a graduate student in our program, so what we’ve been able to do is not only educate and retain our students at the undergraduate level, but now we’re retaining them at the graduate level and 99 percent of the reason why they are here is they saw the value of this scale of project. And I think at a certain point after spending 40 to 100 hours a week working on a project that you start to believe that the project you are developing can have impact. And also I think they claimed ownership of it rally early on and they wanted to see it brought to fruition. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience for faculty and the students alike and it’s also helped to put the University of Kentucky on a global map, that shows, as Dr. Todd always challenges us to do, is to compete at the international level and I think that we’ve proven that we can compete and we were the highest placing first-time team in the competition.”