Sarah Lyon: “Why are my parents, of all people, who have been drinking Folgers coffee for 50 to 60 years, why all the sudden now are they drinking specialty coffee? Why does my mom call me and say, ‘Oh, I tried the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe the other day and I loved it!’ I would argue there’s a variety of reasons why. First of all, the market produces these products for us in a way that 30 years ago you couldn’t walk into the supermarket and choose whether you wanted to buy Columbian coffee, Costa Rican coffee, Ethiopian or Indonesia coffee. So the market has provided this niche marketing for us. I think that people like to signal to others, for example, that they are knowledgeable and savvy. There’s a certain cache that comes from saying, ‘Well, I like to drink fine wines,’ or ‘I like to drink beers from this microbrewery.’ Well, I like to drink my coffee is so distinct and I’m knowledgeable about it.  People have been educated. The Specialty Coffees Association has done a really great job, and Coffee Roasters have done a really great job educating people about what good coffee should taste like. At a national level Starbuck’s kind of popularized that trend, but there’s oodles and oodles of small roasters around the country that have been doing it long before Starbucks and still do it today.”