Summer 2008 Issue:

Cover Story

Resurrecting the Iliad

Armed with a robot-mounted laser scanner, two UK researchers from the Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments travel to Venice, Italy, to realize their goal of offering Homer’s Iliad to the world with the click of a mouse.

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The Mystery of the Toxic Workplace

A UK team of researchers working through the Morris K. Udall Parkinson’s Disease Research Center of Excellence establishes a link between trichloroethylene and Parkinson’s disease.

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Fighting Cancer with a Safe Tan

In a revolutionary approach to stop skin cancer, UK’s John D’Orazio is working on the basic science behind a lotion that naturally creates a tan and protects against UV damage.

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Democratic Bridge Building

UK engineers pool citizen input to guide the design of two bridges in a multi-billion-dollar project in Louisville and southern Indiana.

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2007-2008 University Research Professors

Jayakrishna Ambati: Working to Cure Macular Degeneration
Richard Kryscio: Science by the Numbers
Peter Nagy: Advancing Science—One Move at a Time

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Fighting Relapsed Leukemia

UK’s Dianna Howard found that the combination of a new drug, bortezomib, with a standard chemotherapy drug rapidly kills acute myeloid leukemia stem cells, the cells thought to be responsible for leukemia relapse.

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Biosecurity Down on the Farm

Animal health data from Central Kentucky is being collected and shared thanks to a project conducted through UK’s Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center. The information is statistically analyzed to identify possible clusters of illness or disease.

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Defusing Terrorism

Timothy McVeigh showed the world that ammonium nitrate (AN) can be a deadly weapon. Preventing another Oklahoma City-like blast is what UK scientist Darrell Taulbee aims to do in a project to create a fertilizer that won’t have nearly the blast impact of AN.

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Research Outreach

On the Trail of Stolen Statues

Triggered by a snapshot she took 14 years earlier of a memorial statue that belonged to a Kenyan tribesman, Monica Udvardy turns detective to return African art to its rightful owners.

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Summer 2008 Cover

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