Equine Research

Equine Research (Fall 2010)

UK serves Kentuckians & the horse industry
Unlocking the equine genetic code
UK's Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL)
Engineering horse & rider safety Ball named equine reproduction endowed chair
$150,000 USDA grant bolsters lysine study New ELISA test for EPM developed at Gluck
Q&A with Veterinarian/Researcher James MacLeod

Gluck center grad student tackles Wobbler Syndrome

25th anniversary issue: Agriculture (Fall 07)

Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome
Better Animal Health in the Commonwealth

Bruce Webb: Linking Insects and Illness (Fall 2004)
Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome: Update (Fall 2003)
Working to Solve the Foal Deaths Mystery (Spring 2002)

UK researchers study the impact of Eastern tent caterpillars on the death of 678 foals and fetuses in spring 2001.

Healthy as a Horse (Fall 2000)

UK researchers test new vaccine for equine influenza.

A Horse of a Different Color (Spring 1999)

UK researchers lead a worldwide effort to map the horse genome; large sections of DNA are the same in horse and human chromosomes.

Working to Stop the Sponging of Thoroughbreds (Spring 1998)

Robert Holland, a veterinarian and UK veterinary science doctoral student, developed a pre-race test that would detect the dangerous nasal obstructions.

photo of horse and foal

In 2001, 30 percent of the pregnant mares in Kentucky aborted their foals, resulting in a $336 million blow to the thoroughbred industry.

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