Winter 2009 Issue:

Cover Story

It Pays to Be a Cheapskate

Thrifty UK researcher Steve Lipka is making an international splash thanks to his low-cost approach to building electrochemical capacitors—battery-like devices that give quick power bursts—from rayon, coal byproducts and plastic bottles.

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Every Breath You Take

UK surgeon Jay Zwischenberger is developing and refining an artificial lung apparatus as an effective lifeline for some of the 3,500 U.S. patients a year waiting for lung transplants.

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2008-2008 University Research Professors

Craig Rush: Paying Close Attention to ADHD
John Anthony: Going Green with Carbon Electronics
Jim Griffioen: Inventing the Next Internet
Jonathan Glixon: The Music of the Sisters

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Nikos Pappas: Not Just Fiddling Around

A doctoral candidate in musicology at UK, Nikos Pappas is putting the finishing touches on his dissertation, which revises the conceptual understanding of sacred music culture as it developed in the South and West.

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Grammar School for Scholars

A team of UK faculty hosted Shughni-speaking language scholars from Khorog, Tajikistan, for a month-long workshop last summer. The goal? Create the first comprehensive grammar of Shughni, an “endangered” language.

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Bringing Back the Brain

Using new Leica confocal microscopes in UK’s Imaging Facility, pharmaceutical sciences researcher Kimberly Nixon is working to find out how brain mass recovers in alcoholics who stop drinking.

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Toxic Turnaround

Does good nutrition protect your blood vessels from the toxic impact of PCBs? Can nanoparticles and free radicals destroy PCBs? Yes and yes, say scientists in the UK Superfund Basic Research Program.

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Research Update

Smoke-Free Successes

What effect has Lexington’s four-year-old smoke-free law had on community health, smoking rates and local businesses’ bottom line? Ellen Hahn in the UK College of Nursing discusses the results of several research projects that answered these questions.

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