UK Office of Research Integrity

IRB Application: Informed Consent/Assent Process

Section 2
FORM F. Request for Waiver of Documentation of Informed Consent Process

The IRB may waive the requirement to obtain a signed consent document for some or all of the subjects if certain conditions are met. For example, your research may meet the conditions for this waiver if you are conducting a mail survey, telephone survey, internet research, or international research where recruitment of subjects would be inhibited based on cultural beliefs. In order for the IRB to consider approval for waiving this requirement for full and expedited IRB applications, complete Form F and submit it with your application submission. For exemption applications, you will be prompted to describe research procedures in regard to your waiver request in the Research Description.

Even if a waiver from the requirement to obtain a signed consent document applies to your research, you may still need to provide information to individuals about the research so they have the knowledge and opportunity to consider whether or not to participate. To help ensure required elements are included in your consent document, please use the Cover Letter Template as a guide: English- [WORD] [RTF], Spanish- [WORD] [RTF]
Note: The cover letter template was developed specifically for survey/questionnaire research; however, it may be useful as a guide for developing a consent document for other types of research as well. 

If you are proposing research involving a waiver of the requirement of documentation of the informed consent process, please mark the appropriate selection in the space provided on the General Information Sheet [Section 1, Form A].

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