UK Office of Research Integrity

IRB Application: Radiation Safety

Use of Radioactive Materials (Radiation Safety)

With regard to radiation safety matters, the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), appointed by the President, is responsible for establishing University policies governing the procurement, use, storage and disposal of radioactive material and radiation producing devices in accordance with requirements set forth by State and Federal regulatory agencies. The University of Kentucky's Radiation Safety Committee authorizes individuals to use radioactive material. If your research involves radioactive materials, your study may need review by the RSC, or Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). It is your responsibility to obtain approval from the RSC and include a completed Radioactive Materials Form [WORD] [RTF] under the Other Review Committees section of your E-IRB application.  For more information, you may visit the Radiation Safety web page.

If you are proposing research which falls under the purview of the RSC, check the applicable box under the Other Review Committees section of your E-IRB application.

The RSC approval is not study specific, as is the IRB review.  The IRB reviews new protocols falling under RSC purview, but withholds final approval until the PI provides documentation indicating the RSC has reviewed and approved the use described in the protocol.

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