UK Office of Research Integrity

IRB Application: Other Required Committee Review/Approvals

Section 7
FORM FF.   Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC)

Basic research designed to study the metabolism of a radioactive drug or to gain information about human physiology, pathophysiology, or biochemistry requires review by the Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC)

To apply for IRB approval for a study involving Radioactive Drug(s), Principal Investigators must complete and submit a Medical Full Review application to the IRB, and include 11 additional copies for the RDRC (in addition to the 20 copies for the IRB).  The RDRC reviews the research prior to IRB review in order to provide expertise and scientific comments for the IRB.

Please be sure to indicate in the space provided on the General Information Sheet [Section 1, Form A] that your research falls under the RDRC.

For more information about the RDRC, click here.

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