UK Office of Research Integrity

Deception Research

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to copyright permission limitations, we can not provide a link to this book excerpt.

The deception research information can be found in the book Planning Ethically Responsible Research: A Guide for Students and Internal Review Board, by Joan Seiber, pp. 64-74,© 1992 by Sage Publications, Inc.

Additonal Recommended Readings

Sieber, J. E. (1982, November). Deception in social research I: Kinds of deception and the wrongs they may involve. IRB: A Review of Human Subjects Research, 1-2, 12.

Sieber, J. E. (1983, January). Deception in social research II: Factors influencing the magnitude of potential far harm or wrong. IRB: A Review of Human Subjects Research, i-3, 12.