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Required Research-Education

The following provides a brief description and links for various trainings offered or mandated based on protocol-specific, sponsor, or funding agency requirements.


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Human Subject Protection (HSP)

All study personnel listed on an IRB protocol must be trained in the protection of human subjects initially and complete refresher training every three years. The Mandatory Human Subject Protection Training FAQ website provides details on the requirement as well as instructions for completion of initial and refresher HSP training.

Animal Care & Use

All personnel involved with the use and care of animals involved in research are required to complete initial training and continuing education. Depending on the species and/or proposed procedures, additional specialized training may be required. Please refer to the guidelines in the following document.

IACUC Policies & Procedures Training and Continuing Education [HTML]

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Conflict of Interest

The Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) maintains resources pertaining to financial conflict of interest [HTML] including instructions for accessing financial disclosure and conflict of interest education [PDF].


Fiscal Compliance Training for Clinical Trials that Involves Third-Party Billing

This training is mandatory for principal investigators and clinical research coordinators who will conduct clinical trials involving third-party billing. This training may also be useful to business officers and other employees who deal with budgetary and billing issues related to clinical research.

Fiscal Compliance in Clinical Trials Education Program
Contact: Rebecca Scott, 323-1478 or


FDA Sponsor/Investigator Mandatory Training

All individuals who functioning as the investigator and sponsor for a FDA regulated trial (drug or device).

FDA Sponsor-Investigator web-based training description [PDF]
Title: Drug or Device Development for Sponsor-Investigators located on the UK Curriculum of the CITI website.   Contact: Belinda Smith, ORI Education Specialist, 323-2446 or


Environmental Health and Safety

The University requires safety training classes to be completed before beginning certain types of work. These requirements apply to all individuals involved in the covered work, including faculty, staff, students, post-docs, visiting researchers, and volunteers. To find out what classes you need to take, consult the Training Checklist.

  • Training checklist for Research Grants and Contracts
    Classes are grouped under their respective EH&S departments on the training schedule including,

    • Occupational Health and Safety (Chemical Hygiene/Lab Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communications, etc);
    • Biological Safety (Biological Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens for Researchers, Autoclave);
    • Environmental Management (Hazardous Waste, DOT/IATA);
    • Radiation Safety (Basic, Advanced, Laser Safety); and
    • University Fire Marshal (Fire Extinguisher Use).
  • Training Schedule


Veterans Affairs Medical Center

University of Kentucky researchers who utilize VA facilities, recruit VA patients for UK studies, or who have joint appointments must complete mandatory education in any area applicable to the research being conducted. These VA requirements are in the following areas: Human Subjects, Animal Care and Use, Occupational Health and Safety, Hazardous Materials Management, Radiation Safety, and Fire and Safety. For specific information, contact Dawn Biddoulp at the VA Research Service Office, 281-4927.

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Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has implemented training in Responsible Conduct of Research as an integral part of preparation and development of current and future scientists. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has Responsible Conduct of Research training requirements for certain grant programs. RCR training is also a requirement for various other funding opportunities such as postdoctoral fellowships. See ORI's web page on RCR training resources.

UK CITI Curriculum provides online RCR training for the disciplines listed below. CITI user information is available on the Mandatory Human Subject Protection Training FAQ website. The Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) manages the RCR training records.

  • Biomedical RCR
  • Social and Behavioral RCR
  • Physical Science RCR
  • Humanities RCR
  • Administrators RCR
  • Engineers RCR


Good Clinical Practice

Industry sponsors frequently require study personnel involved in the conduct of FDA regulated clinical research to complete training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. The UK CITI curriculum includes a GCP training module under optional trainings as well as GCP courses for Sponsor-Investigators. CITI user information is available on the Mandatory Human Subject Protection Training FAQ website.

  • UK CITI Curriculum Optional GCP Training (English and Spanish)
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) GCP Learning Center [HTML]


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[D33] - Compiled by Ada Sue Selwitz and Jennifer Hill, Office of Research Integrity
Updated 2/20/14