UK Office of Research Integrity


Other Review Committees

  • Environmental Health & Safety [HTML]

  • Radiation Safety [HTML]

  • UK Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) [HTML]

  • Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) [HTML]

  • Non-Indemnification Policy/Risk Management Committee (RMC) [HTML]

  • VA Research & Development Committee (R & DC)
    • Effective December 31, 2011, the UK IRB is no longer the IRB of record for the VA.  Any research that involves VA patients, facilities and / or monies must be reviewed and approved by the VA IRB.  If you would like more information on conducting research at the VA, please contact Anthony May @233-4511, extension 5947 (17x5947) or e-mail him @

  • Markey Cancer Center (MCC) Protocol Review Monitoring Committee (PRMC) [HTML]

    If proposing a study involving cancer research, in the applicable question on the General Information Sheet [Section 1, Form A] be sure to mark "Cancer Research". If the study involves cancer research, ORI will provide a copy of the research protocol to the Markey Cancer Center (MCC) Protocol Review Monitoring Committee (PRMC). The MCC PRMC is responsible for determining whether the study meets the National Cancer Institute (NCI) definition of a clinical trial and for issuing documentation to the investigator which confirms either that PRMC approval has been obtained or that PRMC review is not required.

    The IRB application will be processed and reviewed independently from the PRMC review.

    Click here to visit the MCC Clinical Research Coordinating Center for contacts and information on cancer research and additional review requirements for cancer–related clinical trials by the MCC Protocol Review Monitoring Committee (PRMC).