Sponsor Acronyms and Office Jargon

A-21 OMB Circular A-21 "Cost Principles for Educational Institutions"
A-110 OMB Circular A-110 "Uniform Administrative Requirements for Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, & Other Non-Profit Organizations"
A-133 OMB Circular A-133 "Audits of Institutions of Higher Education and Other Non-Profit Institutions"
AA  Administrative Support Associate
ABR  Automatic Budget Reallocation
AG Department of Agriculture
AHA  American Heart Association
AOC  Advice of Change
ARO  Army Research Office
ARPA  Advanced Research Program Agency (military)
CAN (ED)  Combined Application Announcement
CAS  Cost Accounting Standards
CBD  Commerce Business Daily
CDC (HHS)  Centers for Disease Control
CFDA  Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
CFR  Code of Federal Regulations
CNS  Corporation for National Service
COI  Conflict of Interest/Disclosure of Financial Interests
Co-PI Co-Principal Investigator
COS  Community of Science
CRADA  Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
CSAP (HHS) Center for Substance Abuse and Prevention
CSR (NIH)  Center for Scientific Review
DC  Direct Cost
DOC  Department of Commerce
DOD  Department of Defense
DOE  Department of Energy
DOI  Department of the Interior
DOJ  Department of Justice
DOL  Department of Labor
DS-2 Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statement
DUNS No. Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)
ED  U.S. Department of Education
EDGAR (ED) Education Department General Administrative Rules
EIN  Employer Identification Number
EPA  Environmental Protection Agency
EPSCoR  Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
ERA  Electronic Research Administration
F&A  Facilities & Administrative Costs (aka Indirect Costs)
FAR  Federal Acquisition Regulations
FCTR (SF 272)  Federal Cash Transaction Report (Standard Form 272)
FDP  Federal Demonstration Partnership
FES  Faculty Effort System
FICE  Federal Interagency Committee on Education
FIPSE (ED) Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education
Form 474 Federal cover page for some proposals
Form 474A Budget page for federal some proposals
FR  Federal Register
FRS  Financial Records System
FSR  Financial Status Report
GAO  Government Accounting Office
GC-1 (NSF) NSF Grant Conditions
GPG (NSF) Grant Proposal Guide
GPM (NSF) Grants Policy Manual
GPO  Government Printing Office
GPS  NIH Grants Policy Statement
HHS  Health and Human Services Administration
HRSA (HHS) Health Resources and Services Administration
IACUC  Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IAF  Internal Approval Form
IDC  Indirect Cost/Facilities & Administrative Costs
IDIV  Inter-Departmental Invoice Voucher
IG  Inspector General (grant oversight)
IRB  Institutional Review Board for the Care of Human Subjects
IRG (NIH)  Integrated Review Groups
IRPG (NIH)  Interactive Research Project Grant
K Award (NIH) Career or Training Awards
LOC  Letter of Credit
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MTA  Material Transfer Agreement
MTDC  Modified Total Direct Cost
NCURA  National Council of University Research Administrators
NEA  National Endowment for the Arts
NEH  National Endowment for the Humanities
NGA  Notice of Grant Award
NIH (HHS)  National Institute of Health
NIST  National Institute of Standards and Technology
NOGA  Notice of Grant Award
NSF  National Science Foundation
OBEMLA (ED) Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Language Affairs
OERI (ED)  Office of Education Research Improvement
OIG  Office of the Inspector General (IG)
OMB  Office of Management and Budget
ONR  Office of Naval Research
OPRR  Office for the Protection from Research Risks
ORI  Office of Research Integrity
OSERS (ED)  Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services
OSPA  Office of Sponsored Projects Administration
PADR  Project Account Data Record
PA (NIH)  Program Announcement
PCS  Program Classification Code
PD  Project Director
PDF  Portable Document File
PHS  Public Health Service
PHS 2590 Application for Continuation of Public Health Service Grant
PHS 398 PHS/NIH standard application kit
PI  Principal Investigator
PON  Proof of Necessity (subcontracts)
PO1 (NIH) Program Project Grant
P50 (NIH) Center Grant
RA  Research Administrator
R Awards (NIH)  Research Grants
RFA Request for Applications
RFP Request for Proposals
RFQ  Request for Quote
RO1 (NIH) Standard Research Grant
RO3 (NIH) Small Research Grant
RSA (ED) Rehabilitation Services Administration
R29 (NIH)  First Award – Newly Independent Investigators Award
SBA (DOC) Small Business Administration
SBIR  Small Business Innovative Research
SGER (NSF)  Small Grants for Exploratory Research
SIC  Standard Industrial Code
SNAP (NIH) Streamlined Non-competing Award Process
SOW  Statement of Work
SPA  Sponsored Project Accounting
SPD  Sponsored Program Development
SPOC  Single Point of Contact
SRA  Society of Research Administrators
SRA (NIH)  Scientific Review Administrator
SRG (NIH)  Scientific Review Group
STTR  Small Business Technology Transfer Research
TC  Total Cost
TDC  Total Direct Cost
UBIT  Unrelated Business Income Tax
UKRF  University of Kentucky Research Foundation
USAID  U.S. Agency of International Development
USIA  U.S. Information Agency
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