Proposal Checklist

  • Proposal is Complete:
    • Sponsor required forms are complete
    • Proprietary Notice (if applicable)
    • Table of Contents
    • Narrative
    • Budget
    • Budget Justification
    • Bibliography
    • Biographical Sketches/Vitae
    • Appendices, reprints, etc.

  • Budget Review: Prior review of budget and justification has been conducted by your College Grants Officer.

  • Institutional Forms: Forms are available on the OSPA forms page.
    • Electronic IAF is completed and certified by all parties. If the project involves more than one department or college, appropriate signatures are included.
    • Cost Sharing, if included in the proposal, is indicated on the IAF.
    • Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Enrichment Funds section is completed.
    • On-line Disclosure of Financial Interest Statement is up to date.
    • Fixed-Price Agreement Budget Form, if applicable, is attached to the IAF with Column A completed.
    • Sponsor F&A Guidelines, if F&A costs are less than the UK full rate, are attached.

  • Protocol Review: When applicable, regulatory approval has been sought and is indicated on the IAF:
  • Internal Deadline: The completed IAF and final proposal ready for submission must be received by the OSPA Research Administrator three (3) business days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline.

  • University Signature, Copying, and Mailing:
    • If the sponsor requires a paper proposal, deliver the original proposal to OSPA, Kinkead Hall for final review and signature.
    • OSPA will send the proposal to the sponsor by courier if all neccessary copies are provided.
    • If the proposal will be submitted via or other electronic portal, you may upload the proposal to OSPA via the web.

Disclaimer: This checklist is designed as a general guide to
assist you in proposal development; individual sponsors may
have additional submission requirements.


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Updated April 16, 2015 | Questions/Corrections to Sean Scott