Equipment Transfer

A Principal Investigator (PI) transferring to or from UK may wish to transfer equipment. This section should be read in conjunction with the section titled Faculty Transfer. The following procedures should be followed.


The PI should contact the business officer in the UK department and inform him/her that equipment will be transferred to UK. The business officer will work with Plant Assets to record and tag the items properly.


Faculty and other investigators who are planning to leave the University should refer to "Memorandum of Understanding Between a Departing Investigator and the University of Kentucky." Items 2 and 3 of the MOU refer specifically to equipment. This is a guide for researchers and a required document. Also, see Administrative Regulation 8.1 and note section III.B.6. And, refer to Business Procedure E-12-4"Physical Facilities Inventory System - Property Disposition Policy." in the Business Procedures Manual.

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