University of Kentucky Research

Intellectual Property Committee (IPC)

The Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) is charged with advising the university, University of Kentucky Research Foundation, and members of the university community on a wide range of issues relating to the identification, development and protection of intellectual properties emanating from the work of the University faculty, staff and students. More particularly, through periodic meetings to review qualified invention disclosures in coordination with the Office of Technology Commercialization and, where appropriate, UK inventors, the IPC works to facilitate the appropriate, timely and equitable application of the University’s Intellectual Properties Policy and Procedures (A.R. 7.6). The work of this Committee is of ever-increasing importance to the University community as the impact of intellectual property on research, and vice versa, grows and the complexity of issues relating to intellectual property and university research increases. This Committee provides an important service to UK and the Commonwealth.

Intellectual Property Committee Members

Crofcheck   Boatright   DeBolt   Dziubla   Garneau Tsodikova   Vander Kooi   Lau
Czarena Crofcheck (Chair)   William “Luke” Boatright   Seth DeBolt   Thomas Dziubla   Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova   Craig Vander Kooi   Daniel Lau
Lodder   Munson   Spielmann   Van Lanen   Walcott   Guoqiang
Robert Lodder   Eric Munson   Peter Spielmann   Steven Van Lanen   Bruce Walcott   Guoqiang Yu