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Intellectual Property Development

The development of intellectual property — any innovation or discovery conceived or developed using University resources — is a partnership between the university and the faculty, staff and students who make the discoveries. Once you make a discovery or develop an innovation, it is your responsibility as university faculty, staff or student to report the invention to the University. Protecting your innovation or discovery starts by filing an Invention Report Form (pdf).

Why File an Invention Report Form?
The Invention Report Form provides the OTC with basic information about the invention, allows us to assess patentability and commercial potential, and supports the patent filing decision. As seen below, the process includes 3 easy steps.
Once your innovation or discovery has successfully completed all three of these steps, the OTC will begin working with you to commercialize your invention via an industry license, a start-up company, or other means.
We strongly encourage inventors to submit an Invention Report Form before any public disclosures (lecture, posters, presentations, meetings with industry, etc.) that may adversely affect the patentability of an invention. However, even if you have already disclosed your idea, it is still possible to receive protection, so please contact us anyway!

Invention Reporting in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Invention Report Form

  • Download the Invention Report Form (pdf)
  • Complete all areas of the form electronically
  • Email the completed form to
  • You will receive a receipt confirmation email
  • Access your invention report form (and all of your invention reporting history) using OTC's online portal. The portal can be accessed using a LinkBlue ID and password.


Step 2: Market Assessment and Feedback

  • The OTC will complete a patent landscape and commercial market assessment for qualified inventions
  • The Intellectual Property Committee (IPC), made up of faculty peers, will review the Invention Report and assessment
  • The OTC will schedule an inventor's meeting to provide feedback within 60 days

Step 3: Patent Strategy

  • The IPC will hold a meeting to discuss the merits of pursuing patent protection for the invention within 90 days
  • If qualified, a patentability assessment will be completed by patent counsel
  • The optimal patent strategy will be determined and pursued

If you have any issues with your invention account views, please contact the Intellectual Property Coordinator.

Invention Reporting Process

Invention Income
License and royalty income derived from the commercialization of UK inventions is distributed according to UK’s Administrative Regulations as follows:

Income Distribution Chart