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Limited Submissions - Internal Deadlines

Because an increasing number of extramural programs limit the number of applications an institution may submit, the University of Kentucky has established an internal selection procedure for the programs listed below. Click the links for the most recent information on each program.

*** Limited-Submission programs that are targeted toward a specific department or college are also included in the complete list but are coordinated at the departmental or college level. ***

If you identify a program not listed that limits submissions, or if you have questions about a particular program, please contact PDO to ensure that your application is appropriately considered (257-2861 or

Internal Competition Deadline
OSPA Deadline
Funding Agency Deadline
Blavatnik Family Foundation - Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, and Chemistry 10/21/14 11/20/14 11/25/14
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) – Improved Services for Vulnerable Populations (ISVP) Potential applicants should send PDO a brief project overview (1/2 – 1 page) by 10/23/14. 11/21/14 11/26/14
National Institutes of Health - NINDS - Institutional Center Core Grants to Support Neuroscience Research (P30)  NO INTERNAL COMPETITION FOR 2014 11/26/14 Letter of Intent (Required) 11/29/14 Proposal 12/29/14
USDA - National Clean Plant Network (NCPN) 10/27/14 12/16/14 12/19/14
National Endowment for the Arts – Our Town 10/28/14 12/10/14 12/15/14
National Science Foundation - Partnerships for Innovation: Building Innovation Capacity (PFI: BIC) 10/28/14 11/26/14 Letter of Intent (Required) 12/03/14 Proposal 01/28/15
Allen, Paul G. Family Foundation – Allen Distinguished Investigator (ADI) 2015 Alzheimer’s Disease Focus 11/11/14 01/27/15 01/30/15
Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) - Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards 11/11/14 01/07/15 01/12/15
Samuel H. Kress Foundation - History of Art: Institutional Fellowships ***Those interested in being nominated should contact their department chair.*** 11/26/14 11/30/14
National Institutes of Health - Hubs of Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Global Environmental and Occupational Health (GEOHealth) – Research Training (U2R) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 10/17/14 Letter of Intent (Optional) 09/22/14 Application 10/22/14
HRSA - National Maternal and Child Health Data Resource Center Cooperative Agreement Program INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 10/23/14 10/28/14
Centers For Disease Control - NIOSH - Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Safety and Health Research (U01) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 10/28/14 LOI (Optional) 09/26/14
Proposal 10/31/14
State, U.S. Department of – Promoting Study Abroad Focusing on Health and Nutrition INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 10/28/14 10/31/14
United States/India Educational Foundation (USIEF) - Obama Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (OSI) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 10/29/14 11/03/14
Energy, U.S. Department of - Resilience for Extreme Scale Supercomputing Systems (DE-FOA-0001059) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 8/22/14 Pre-Application (Required) 08/27/14 Proposal 11/03/14
National Science Foundation - ADVANCE: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers (NSF 14-573) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED

IT Catalyst


IT Catalyst LOI (Required) 10/05/15
Proposal 11/03/15

IT LOI (Required) 11/05/15
Proposal 01/20/16

Pew Charitable Trust - Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences 2015 INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 10/29/14 11/03/14
National Institutes of Health - Hazmat Training at DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex (UH4) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/03/14 Letter of Intent (Optional) 10/06/14 Application 11/06/14
National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute - NIH/NCI Pediatric Preclinical Testing Consortium: Coordinating Center (U01) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/10/14 Letter of Intent (Optional) 10/13/14 Application 11/13/14
Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (2015 - 2019) (NHERI) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/03/14 Letter of Intent (Required) 11/06/14 Proposal 12/03/14
Health Resources and Services Administration - National Technical Resource Center for Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/05/14 11/10/14
HRSA - Strengthen Evidence Base for Maternal and Child Health Programs INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/05/14 11/10/14
U.S. Department of State – Promoting Democracy and Rule of Law in Europe INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/10/14 11/13/14
National Institutes of Health - NIDDK - Silvio O. Conte Digestive Diseases Research Core Centers (P30) RFA-DK-14-012 INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/14/14 LOI (Optional) 10/19/14
Proposal 11/19/14
NIH/NIDDK Nutrition Obesity Research Centers (NORCs) (P30) RFA-DK-14-002 INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/20/14 LOI (Optional) 10/25/14
Proposal 11/25/14
NSF - Management and Operation of the Gemini Observatory INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/25/14

Letter of Intent 11/28/14 Proposal 02/27/15

Beckman (Arnold and Mabel) Foundation – 2015 Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellows Award INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 11/26/14 12/01/14
State, U.S. Department of – Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Internet Freedom Annual Program Statement (DRLA-DRLAQM-13-099) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 12/02/14 12/05/14
National Science Foundation - Theory Institute in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (NSF 14-570) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 12/03/14 12/08/14
NIST - Forensic Science Center of Excellence Program INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 12/08/14 12/11/14
National Science Foundation - Science and Technology Centers (STC): Integrative Partnerships INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 12/08/14 Preliminary Proposal (Required) 12/11/14 Proposal 06/16/15
Duke (Doris) Charitable Foundation - Building Bridges 2014-15 Grants Program INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED

Invited Final Proposal 12/09/14

Electronic Postcard (Required) 06/27/14
LOI (Required) 08/15/14
Invited Final Proposal 12/12/14

NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 01/19/14 01/22/15
National Institutes of Health - NIGMS - NIH Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) (P20) PAR-14-035 INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 01/23/15 LOI (Optional) 12/29/14
Proposal 01/28/15
Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Travel Grants Program INTERNAL COMPETITION CLOSED 3 business days before submission Open