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The mission of the Proposal Development Office is to assist University of Kentucky faculty, staff, and students to seek and secure external funding for their scholarly activities through the submission of competitive grant and contract applications.

VISION:  Through leadership in research administration and targeted research support, the Proposal Development Office will contribute to the advancement of the University of Kentucky’s national research standing.

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Proposal Development Office

As a support unit focused on the pre-award stage of extramural funding, PDO staff members work in a team-based environment to provide wide-ranging support to faculty, staff, and students across all stages of their grant and fellowship applications. Staff members conduct funding searches for specific project that researchers wish to pursue, assist in the preparation of competitive proposals by reviewing and critiquing proposal drafts, providing descriptive material on UK resources, and writing sections of proposal where appropriate. PDO staff can also link researchers with others on campus with similar research interests for possible multidisciplinary projects. PDO staff have extensive experience with a broad variety of funding mechanisms, federal agencies, and private sponsors.

Key PDO information resources include PDO Funding Alerts, Grant Deadlines, a monthly publication of funding opportunities; Grants Bulletin, a newsletter focusing on grant-related issues and funding; and GrantWeek, a weekly publication featuring editorial commentary on the climate for grant-seekers, program analysis, regulatory issues, and the impact of legislative initiatives on extramural funding.

PDO presents seminars, workshops, and special events that provide information on specific agency or funding programs, enhance proposal development skills, or stimulate the development of multidisciplinary projects.

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