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Administrative Manual

The objectives of this manual are to document the office standards and to provide administrative guidelines and procedures for the Research Administrative and Fiscal Affairs (RAFA). All policies and procedures established by the University of Kentucky are considered the minimal acceptable standard. The guidelines documented in this manual shall be consistent with the University of Kentucky’s policies and procedures. This manual will provide guidance, but is not intended to be all inclusive.

The RAFA staff is expected to adhere to the standards and procedures set forth in this Administrative Manual. The manual is purposely written so as to avoid the restriction of creativity and originality while providing the guidance necessary to promote consistency. The policies and procedures that lie within the Manual will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Section 1: Research Administrative & Fiscal Affairs

Section 2: General Information

Section 3: Human Resources & Employment

Section 4: Business Procedures & Approvals


RAFA Office & Staff

Research Administrative and Fiscal Affairs (Business Office)
105 Kinkead Hall
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0057
Phone 859.257.3339
Fax 859.257.9394

Jack Supplee, Associate Vice President for Research & Director of RAFA, 257.8288

Judy Duncan, Research Fiscal Officer, 257.8286

Toni Smith, Research HR Director, 257.8288

Nancy Ison, Research Business and Service Center Business Officer, 257.1116

Katie Carter, Administrative Staff Support, 257.4257

Michele Schlake, Administrative Staff Support, 257.6056

Joel McClintock, Microscopy Maintenance Specialist, 257.1242

Daniel Hall, Staff Support Associate, 257.3339