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University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Research leading to new knowledge and the transfer of this new knowledge through teaching and service are two of the major responsibilities of the University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky Research Foundation (UKRF), a not-for-profit Kentucky corporation,  was established in 1945 to receive, invest, and expend funds to promote and implement scientific, educational, and developmental activities at UK. UKRF serves as the university's agent in the receipt of all external grants and contracts, intellectual property income and other designated income; oversees the protection, development, and commercialization of intellectual properties; and manages special cooperative agreements.


2016-2017 UKRF Board of Directors

  • Eli Capilouto, UK President, ex-officio *
  • Lisa Cassis, Executive Director and Vice President for Research, ex-officio *
  • William C. Britton, UK Board of Trustees member *
  • Mark P. Bryant, UK Board of Trustees member
  • Mark Meier, UK faculty member *
  • Nancy E. Schoenberg, UK faculty member
  • Henry Jackson, public member
  • F. Richard Kurzynske, public member
  • Eric Monday, Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration, ex-officio
  • Michael Karpf, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, ex-officio *
  • Tim Tracy, Provost, ex-officio *

* Executive Committee


  • President, Eli Capilouto
  • Vice President, Lisa Cassis
  • Executive Director, Lisa Cassis
  • Secretary, Jack Supplee
  • Treasurer, Susan Krauss

For more information, contact:
Jack Supplee, UKRF Associate Director 
Director, UK Research Administrative & Fiscal Affairs
102 Kinkead Hall, Lexington, KY 40506-0057
859/257-8288, fax: 859/257-9394,

5-25-16 UKRF Board of Directors Meeting

UKRF Board of Directors Meeting Archives