Survey Research Center


The University of Kentucky Survey Research Center conducts socially significant research with public policy implications as well as research of theoretical or academic interest. UK-SRC has conducted more than 450 studies since it was established in 1979.

UK-SRC's client base includes local and state government agencies, private and non-profit groups, and university researchers. The survey center provides the expertise, resources, facilities, and staff for research using telephone surveys, face-to-face interviews, web surveys, and mailed questionnaires.


"The Survey Research Center's commitment to customer service and attention to detail match its expertise in developing highly effective survey instruments."
Michael Childress, Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center

"Without the excellent reputation and readily available expertise of UK's Survey Research Center, we would not have gotten the grants."
Philip Palmgreen, UK Dept. of Communication, has collaborated with UK-SRC for 13 years on projects funded by federal grants totaling more than $13 million.

"We've used UK-SRC survey results to evaluate trends, establish new programs, and enact laws increasing annual funding for wildlife conservation by over $1 million."
Lynn Garrison, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

"The Survey Research Center was responsible for a 61 percent response rate on our mail survey of engineering, architecture, landscape architecture,and interior design faculty across North America. This was more than double the response of other survey research on perceptions of creativity."
Margaret Portillo, UK Dept. of Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles