University of Kentucky Research

Service Core Review Committees

Lisa A. Cassis, PhD, Interim Vice President for Research, announced on July 15, 2014 a special assignment for Dr. Alan Daugherty to carry out an Evaluation of Core Service facilities. Dr. Daugherty will work with the VPR to evaluate the quality and support of Core Service facilities with a primary focus on the contribution of each unit to the research mission of the University. The evaluation process will determine the strengths and weaknesses of each facility by examining their alignment to Investigator needs, quality of work and service, contributions to publications and extramural support, promotion of their services, customer satisfaction, fee structure in the context of institutional support, and adherence to administrative regulations. This process will be assisted by formation of an oversight committee composed of major users that will be charged with evaluating scientific needs and quality. The committee will also be charged will developing processes for the periodic assessment of existing Service Cores and proposals for new facilities.

Service Core Scientific Advisory Committee Members:

Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc (Committee Chair)

Udeni Balasuriya, BVSc, MS, PhD
D. Allan Butterfield, PhD
Lisa Cassis, PhD
Darin Cecil                          
David Feola, PharmD, PhD, BCPS
Beth Garvy, PhD
Octavio Gonzalez, DDS, MS, PhD
Greg Graf, PhD
Eric Grulke, PhD
Nancy Ison
Linda Van Eldik, PhD
Sydney (Wally) Whiteheart, PhD
S. Randal Voss, PhD

Service Core Administrative Oversight Committee Members:

Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc (Committee Chair)

Darin Cecil
Nancy Ison
Jack Supplee
David Gosky
Judy Duncan